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Chalk Up Another Win For The 2011 Sierra HD – Best In Class Towing and Payload

Not only does the 2011 GMC Sierra HD pickup offer the most power in its class, and a Denali trim level, but you can count another win for The General over its heavy-duty pickup competition – best-in-class towing and payload figures. The new trucks will now be able to tow 21,700 lbs in fifth-wheel configuration and 17,000 lbs with a traditional ball hitch, as well as handle 6,635 lbs of payload. The new trucks best their closest competitor – the Ford F350 – by a whopping 1,000 lbs in conventional towing, and 100 lbs in fifth wheel configuration.

Based on these improved capacities, the Sierra HD becomes the most capable heavy duty pickup on the market. The trucks start production next week, and we expect to start seeing them on the lot sometime in late summer. Come on in and test them against the competition, we know you won’t be disappointed!


Time Flies When You’re Having Fun!!

Wow! Where did 3 years go?

As we just finished celebrating our 3rd anniversary at Davis Pontiac Buick GMC  in Medicine Hat it’s hard not to look back in amazement at the changes our industry has seen.  More than anything, the last 3 years has taught me just how precious customer loyalty is and how important our role in earning our customer’s loyalty is. It’s not that customer satisfaction wasn’t important 3 years ago, (just the opposite in fact) customer satisfaction has always been number one on our list but sometimes it takes unusual circumstances to point out the little opportunities you have here and there to improve. That’s the name of the game! Change. I think our staff has done an incredible job adapting to this ever changing environment where the customer has the opportunity on a daily basis to “fire” us. We have introduced what I call the little things. Our new car wash for example. We have heard for many years from our customers how nice it would be to have their car washed after every time they had their vehicle serviced. As of July 09, that is a perk that we offer. Our new Wash Tech Touchless Car Wash does a fantastic job and best of all it’s free for our customers with every purchase they make.

Personally I think the greatest thing we ever did in the name of customer loyalty and satisfaction is introduce 2 years of Free Maintenance on every used vehicle that we sell. Believe me, because of the cost involved it was dificult to get everyone on the same page however, everyone realizes that the cost of not offering such a great value-added benefit is far greater if we didn’t do it. If our customers have the opportunity to use our Lube Bay, Tire Center, or our Car Wash for the first couple of years of their ownership cycle, they effectively have the opportunity to conduct a 2 year interview to determine if we have given them enough reasons to return on their own dime. Risky? Not one bit in my opinion. This type of  “put your money where your mouth is”  committment is what will ensure that everyone at Davis Pontiac Buick GMC is striving to improve their skills both personally and professionally in an effort to earn our customer’s most sought after asset…Loyalty.